The partnership with Liven began with the aim of implementing a scalable Short Message Service (SMS) platform using modern and low-maintenance cost tools.

Agile development was one of Trópico's main demands, so throughout the construction process, the Liven team had daily contacts with the partner's technology team to ensure planning and process quality.


Liven suggested the use of various tools to ensure the quality of the solution due to business logic. Among these, we can mention the use of Docker and automated testing.

Tech highlights

Specific telecommunications protocols were implemented, such as SIP, SMPP, and DIAMETER. Additionally, protocols like HTTP and AMQP were also used.

In-memory database

To reduce latency and communication costs with main databases, a memory caching layer has been implemented, enabling the sharing of the application state among different modules in a performant manner.

Messaging for performance

To meet performance requirements, the final solution included a messaging tool.

This way, it was possible to handle a high number of messages in parallel.

Automated Testing

Automated tests had the role of ensuring communication contracts between different modules, and they were of great importance to ensure the repeatability of scenarios in this context, where many blocks need to communicate.

Standardized implementation

The use of Docker allowed for standardized deployment in different testing and production environments, enabling the system to exhibit predictable behavior even across diverse settings.

Project feedback

NPS 100!!
William Viais

Gerente de P&D @tropicotelecomunicacoes

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