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How is it to work at Liven?

Lena Ikejiri de Medeiros
Working and collaborating for LIVEN is a daily invitation to build something bigger and better WITH people and FOR people. We discuss and propose ideas, we test and improve our actions, we respect and listen to each other and best of all, I BELIEVE in ourselves, in our potential, in our ability, in our dream. I enjoy getting up every day and collaborating with LIVEN.

Motivated by challenges?

We work with many types of partnerships in order to keep a challenging environment:

  • We work with digital products of all kinds: marketplace, SAAS, E-commerce, social networks!

  • We operate on several markets: health, farming, anti-fraud, food

  • We also have international projects: come to practice your english

Quality and focus on results 

We offer an environment to support your development while delivering value to our customers. Some characteristics our team values:

  • We're passionate on building tech products

  • We highly value the code quality and the use good coding practices

  • We're motivated on having a huge impact on your team's output

  • We aim for excelence on all of our deliveries

Tools and processes

With an horizontal working culture, all team members are able to contribute to end-to-end product development

  • We use the hottest frameworks and libraries in order to improve development experience

  • Automated tests and CI/CD pipelines implementation are routine tasks at Liven

  • Front-end or Back-end? At Liven we encourage the contact with all development fields; from the wireframe to the infrastructure

  • We have a Scrum-based agile development process. Focus on the value delivered to our customer!

Focus on your individual development

Here you'll always be in development through practices involving corporate education, such as:

  • Individual monitoring as a mean of self-knowledge and emotional intelligence

  • Individual Development Plans as a mean to individual's self-mapping, receiving individualized support to reach your goals

  • Psychologic security promoter environment. Any kind of disrespect to ethnical, gender, sexual orientation and/or religious beliefs will not be tolerated by Liven team

Our benefits

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