IoT for your convenience: leave your bike safer

Android and iOS App
Bikelink, an enterprise located in São Carlos, emerged with the purpose of promoting the use of bicycles as a source of transportation, ensuring the necessity of storing them while maintaining their integrity. Therefore, beyond the user-oriented design, quality and safety were prioritized during the solution making process.

IoT for Android and iOS Application

Liven's role involved connecting Bikelink's product locking system to the Android and iOS application developed by our team, ensuring that the best usability practices maintained the security of the hardware and electronic applications

We employed IoT technology through Bluetooth integration, enabling the physical device to be connected to the application and thus share the necessary data for the use of the bike storage facility.

Immersion and Ideation

Initially, Liven’ team had a deep understanding of the process that would have applicability for IoT communication, collaborating with the team responsible for developing Bikelink's lock hardware to design a plan that aimed to ensure users' bike security throughout the entire process.

For the App development, defining flows allowed for the execution of the initial testing interaction between software and hardware. Subsequently, working with exceptional cases became possible, meaning how the application would behave when identifying errors in the established flow.

Based on research for application and bike-friendly design needs, we created a Design System for the system, making the app simple and distinctive. This ensures ease of use and clarity for the users in utilizing the application. Consequently, we comprehensively acknowledged the points that needed optimization for the new solution.

Solution Definition

With the primary pains and demands described by the partner, we understood what the key functionalities of the system would be and the two solutions created: the native user application and the admin system for bike storage owners.

Concerning the native application, we designed application flows that were validated with the main stakeholders. The primary objectives of these flows were to keep the user engaged, perform actions swiftly, and map potential errors to prevent users from leaving the app if they encountered any issues. In essence, Liven's team based the system ideation on the implementation of these functionalities.

As for the demands related to the admin system, they revolved around creating a platform that allowed both bike storage owners and the Bikelink team to visualize bike parking space occupancy.

Tech Highlight

The system's conception was based on the principles of Clean Architecture, considering the native application for Android and iOS, as well as the application's API. Within the application, the system was integrated with Stripe, a payment gateway, enhancing the payment process for using the parking space.

IoT Integration

The Bluetooth communication between the application and the bike storage locks was established through the definition of a protocol, enabling data exchange between software and hardware.


Due to the need for speed and user engagement within the application, the flow was designed for quick and easy actions. In the Bikelink app, users can log in with just one click, using their phone number, email, or social media accounts.