We build digital experiences

We build digital tailor-made solutions focused on the customer journey!

How we make it happen

Squad Liven as a Service

  • We put together the most efficient team to solve your business challenges!

  • We co-create solutions through multidisciplinary teams made up of a Tech Lead, Data Scientist, Product Owner, Product Designer, Devs, and QAs.

  • Development of customized products applying agile methodology by the book.

Incredible User-Focused Experience

  • Understanding the customer journey through Product Discovery workshops

  • Research and analysis of the actual user’s pain points

  • Usability tests with high-fidelity prototypes

  • Creation of World Class UI UX Designs

Development of Digital Products with Excellence

  • Web and Mobile Platforms with interoperability and scalability

  • Modernization of legacy systems

  • Constant system improvement based on user’s behavior

  • Efficient structuring of databases and ETL applications

Digital Transformation of Your Business

  • Incorporation of technology into your company's strategy

  • Building a single, centralized, and easily accessible data source

  • Transformation of analog processes into integrated digital solutions

We Are Tech Specialists

  • Experts in Integrations with ERPs, CRMs and diverse APIs

  • Clean architecture in all our applications

  • Automated testing to ensure quality