We are people with the purpose

of impacting the world through technology!

What keep us moving

Purpose moves us

10MM +<<lines ofcode
jobsgenerated150 +
Interfacesdeveloped100 +
hourscoding20MM +

Mission and Values

Impact the world through technology!

Our history

2017 - The beginning

A lot of courage and a dream was born in São Carlos / SP: improve the world through technology!

2018 - Quality

A year of learnings in which many users used our first solutions and we understood in practice the difference between a solution with and without quality. The decision was clear, quality is a Liven pillar.

2019 - People

To face great challenges, we need 2 things: organization and trust in people involved. This culture of building realiable relationships took root at Liven in a way which today is our mantra for any kind of collaboration.

2020 - Growth

From São Carlos to Brazil! We expanded our collaborators network to every corner, today there are more than 9 states with our Liven’s way of being =)

2021 - Big world

After national lands, we went global exploring new markets! With real partners, from high-growth startups to large companies doing digital transformation.


Now it's time to keep growing by building long-term and win-win partnerships! We keep learning, making mistakes, getting it right and most importantly, being happy!

If you feel identified by our history and want to develop in a human environment and a lot of learning, just come to Liven!