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Technology for 4.0 Industry

LucentOps is a global startup with clients in the US, Japan, and Singapore. Its goal is to build solutions for 4.0 industry through a platform that combines IA, Computer Vision, and Data Processing.

Our work consisted of elaborating a web platform that identifies occurrences, analyses data, and enables insights such as corrective and/or preventive actions regarding the workplace in order to boost and optimize the efficiency, productivity and workplace improvements for operators.

Identify work cycle patterns deviations within a production line

Liven’s job aimed to develop a platform that enables monitoring and identification of work cycle patterns within a production line. Our team had the challenge of working with a large data volume, keeping the quality and ensuring good system performance for final users.

Immersion and Ideation

Along with LucentOps’ team we understood the main functionalities that the application should have had. Later we modeled the project architecture and designed a simple user interface that was easy to implement quickly while still maintaining user-friendliness.

The system enables each client to customize metrics of success, such as ideal stability percentage. Moreover, it also enables setting factory patterns as work shifts specifying start and end times, date and time format, time zone, and other relevant information.

These elements provide flexibility for different production lines, allowing the attainment of a unique system that addresses the specific needs of LucentOps' clients.

Tech and UI/UX Highlights

The project is built on React, enabling the creation of reusable components and a declarative approach to interface development. Next.js is used to optimize performance and user experience. To ensure clear and intuitive data presentation, the Recharts library was employed.

Solution Definition

We constructed the analysis of data generated by the artificial intelligence module to provide information and enable users to watch videos from the workstations. This allows for various workflows within the system, such as:


Detailed search using cycle, station, line, tag, or specific date and time nomenclatures.

Data or Information

Viewing line or station detail pages with dashboards generated from collected data for insights and decision-making.


Accessing cycle detail pages with the option to add comments and tags for identification and analysis.


Customizing system settings

Project feedback

I was delighted to deal with the team at Liven. They delivered on time, even with scope changes. And I couldn't be happier with the results.
Clayton Costa

Founder Lucentops @Lucent-Ops

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