Web Application

Birdie understand the consumers' opinions and provide rich insights to companies about their brand, products and services


About the project

Growth Stage

Throught analyzes performed by an Artificial Intelligence, Birdie allows companys to go beyond Market Research and undestand what consumers think about their brand. In this way, companies' marketing executives quickly identify growth oppotunities and focus on more strategic activities.

Tech Highlight

BackOffice tool to support internal processes and ensure data quality and consistency. Automations related to multiple databases ensured productivity gains on a platform with high test coverage.

Product Definition

The immersion in Birdie's internal process and the use of Product Discovery methodologies, such as interviews and tests with users, made it possible for our team to build an easy-to-use web platform from scratch.

We were looking for a long-term partnership and we found this with Liven. The work is excellent!
Everton Cherman

Chief Technology Officer @Birdie