Digital transformation in the agribusiness.

Grupo Sinagro has been operating for over 21 years in the field of agribusiness and livestock helping to develop and promote agriculture.

They are a reference in the Cerrado agribusiness chain, operating in the agricultural inputs and grain origination segments.

Digital Transformation

The main challenge of the project was the digitization of the information transition process between Grupo Sinagro and the farmers.The idea was to centralize data from 5 different areas in an interface that transmitted information transparency, in addition to convenience and speed of access to the user.The creation of the interface was an efficient digital transformation solution, as it was possible to unite different areas of Sinagro in a single application.We centralized the querying of information from multiple sources in an easy-to-use interface, which generated benefits for both parts of the process.

Immersion and Ideation

Initially, Liven’s team had a deep understanding of the process that would be digitized. For this, a series of interviews were carried out with important stakeholders from the areas involved in Grupo Sinagro. Thus, it was possible to understand in detail which were the points that could be optimized with the new solution.

After that, based on a survey conducted with future app users, we created the System Design System. The survey provided valuable insights into how users behaved digitally, which social networks they used the most, and which websites they accessed the most. With this, it was possible to create a simple and unique design, ensuring ease and clarity in the use of the application.

Solution definition

Based on the design and the main pains found in the process map, we understood what the main functionalities of the system would be.

Application flows were created and validated with the main stakeholders, to make it clear what the main changes the tool implementation would bring in relation to the current process.

At the same time, our team understood in detail the technical challenges of the solution: how to present a range of information from different areas, what data would need to be displayed and where we would collect this information.

Tech Highlight

From the conception of the system through Clean Architecture, we developed: a Web interface, a native application for Android and another for iOS, in addition to the application's API. It is worth mentioning that numerous integrations were carried out with Sinagro's internal systems so that it was possible to display the necessary data.


Integrations to serve Sinagro's internal customers. Due to the large amount of data that needed to be displayed, we designed a solution focused on ensuring consistency on the display and capture of data. More than 10 types of integrations were made.

Portal Web + App Android e iOS

Due to the proximity between the technologies used in the development, we gained efficiency and reduced the effort of the technology team, allowing the development of 3 different interfaces in a short time.

Development Efficiency

Use of sophisticated, state-of-the-art library. The union of the two solutions allowed the sharing of a large part of the code between the features, as well as a centralized management and use of application states.


The main functionalities allow the user to visualize all the information in a centralized way, through data integration, and in an easy-to-use interface.


The processing method used on application integrations ensured performance in processing high data loads. In addition, the consultation process has become more practical due to the centralization of information.

Agile Develpment Process

Value was added not only to the delivered product, but also to the implementation strategy and the proposed development process. We apply the agile development process, ensuring constant iterations with partners, facilitating the implementation of improvements.

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