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Olga Ri
Payment Improvements
Specialized in healthy food delivery with commercial location for the public in the Jardins neighborhood in São Paulo, Olga Ri has been operating in the market since 2016 with orders through the website and app, available for iPhone and Android, which have already reached over 30,000 downloads

Biggest Pain Points

With the application growth and an increase in the number of purchases made on its platform, OlgaRi’s team began to notice that a large number of payments were being declined for unknown reasons, or were taking too long to be completed. These issues caused users to not complete their purchase and leave the website.

Immersion and Ideation

The immersion process was done by analyzing the 20% of errors that caused 80% of transactions to fail. Additionally, we worked with the current payment gateway to understand the reasons why some transactions were taking minutes to process.

By diagnosing these issues, we analyzed the legacy code to map out the necessary changes, as well as benchmarked with market references to design the best flow, ensuring the best customer purchasing experience.

Solution Definition

Using best practices and Clean Architecture, we decoupled the payment gateway structure ( from Olga Ri's business logic.
Another necessary implementation was the process of redesigning the payment flow in order to clearly and objectively show the transaction error to the end user so that they can try to make the purchase again. This change enabled:

  1. Better management of the existing integration by adding Pix as a new payment method;
  2. Integration with other gateways (Braspag) to support transactions using Ticket brand cards;
  3. Addition of coupon functionality through integration with Talon One.

We also highlight the challenge of maintaining backward compatibility of the new flow with previous versions of the application, aiming to ensure that the user, regardless of the version used, could still make the purchase of their salad via the website or app.

Solution Tools

We took care not to deviate from the tools already used by our partner to ensure that maintenance would be facilitated upon project completion. Therefore, all the backend code created or modified was done in Java, and infrastructure provisioning was done through AWS CloudFormation.

Project feedback

NPS 100!!
Bruno Sindicic

CEO @Olga Ri

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