Leadership training: why invest in leadership development

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A good leader is not just someone who delegates tasks but one who can also integrate a team, precisely coordinating activities and encouraging productivity. Therefore, for a great professional to become an excellent leader, a solid knowledge foundation is necessary. That is why it is crucial to invest in leadership training to promote professional qualifications and the improvement of soft skills.


Nowadays, having great managers is one of the biggest challenges for organizations. According to Robert Half consultancy, 54% of Brazilian executives do not truly trust their leaders. Part of this result is due to the manager’s insecurity felt by the team, which interferes with employees' cohesion and internal communication, leading to unsatisfactory results. Facing the challenge of finding qualified management professionals, our solution was to train and develop leaders internally.


When talking about leadership at Liven, we highlight 8 fundamental pillars, which are: ethics, creativity, people’s development, collaborative culture, emotional balance, communication, inclusive environment, and orientation for results. With those actions we could support our leadership’s development, improving processes such as employee follow-ups, empathic listening, and feedback.


It is important to emphasize that the success of a leader is in having successors, so bonding with every team member about their history in an ethical and empathetic way is fundamental. We believe that is the key to people’s development because good interpersonal relationships tend to increase emotional balance.