Getting to know Liven’s culture: humanized people’s development with 10 eNPS

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The culture of an organization can be characterized by a series of practices, conducts, and processes that are related to a group of collective beliefs and values. In these terms, beyond the operation of core activities, a solid organizational culture gives the guidelines on how to perform, focusing on developing people and, as a result, achieving goals.


At Liven, we seek to apply our culture in every area of our operation. We understand that the technological impact is only real when executed and felt by people. Consequently, at Liven all of us are owners and responsible for the maintenance of our culture.


Moreover, we believe that a culture that provides psychological safety results in people that work with purpose and in good quality delivery.


All of our processes were built considering on-the-job experience, which means: the execution of the tasks from every area takes place since day one of each employee at the company, considering their previous repertoire. Thus, direct contact with the processes and delivery enables to listen to their individual needs and give 360º feedback more frequently. As a result, we have gotten a 10/10 eNPS in our latest organizational climate poll.


Therefore, we have listed a few strategies that helped us out in achieving this result:


Humanized recruitment

The first contact is essential to establish a positive and trustworthy bond. For that reason, at Liven our recruitment team is part of the People and Culture team, enhancing our belief in treating people as singular individuals, providing them a safe space for speech free of judgments.

For us, it is important that applicants have to get in touch with Liven’s culture from the beginning of the recruitment process and, regardless of the result, we expect that the contact with the recruiters adds to both personal and professional development. Thus, we invest in constructive feedback about individual contributions throughout the process.

Consequently, in 2022, when applicants were asked if they would recommend our recruitment process, we have gotten a 9.9/10 in our eNPS poll.



After the recruitment process, the journey of each employee starts with cultural onboarding. At this moment, we show our main cultural pillars, such as the culture of trust, flexible work hours, process, and relations transparency.

At Liven, we believe that culture is alive and expressed in actions. For this reason, both the direct leader and a member of the Learning and Development team should keep up with this initial period of every employee. Thus, every person has direct and contingent feedbacks about their development, being supported to adapt to a new routine and workspace.

As a result, in 2022, at the end of the onboarding period, our team has given 9.5/10 eNPS when asked if they would recommend Liven as a good place to work.


Liven’s programs

For all of Liven's employees, we offer a series of internal programs aiming at personal and professional development, which are carried out both individually and collectively.

The individual actions consist of follow-ups that allow employees to work on everything from aspects related to time management to the definition of learning goals for some knowledge they want to deepen. We understand that this type of action is important to ensure that singularities are respected.

The collective actions include training in diversity, communication, leadership, and mental health. Everyone at Liven is open to suggest topics of interest, in addition to mapping themes that are on the rise in the market. These group moments reinforce our collaborative culture pillar, which is fundamental for the development of our projects based on Scrum.


To have all these processes working well, we have built our tools to ensure constant feedback on daily basis. Moreover, using scrum as an agile methodology lets us implement process improvements and test them more quickly and with less bureaucracy. Thereupon, we can keep the focus on people development with a committed team that delivers of good quality results.