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Since the Covid-19 pandemic, remote work practices have been part of organizational culture on several companies, especially for those attuned to digital transformation, like us. We believe that culture also needs to be (re)transformed, which is why we have adopted remote work as one of the options for employees.

Based on our team internal suggestions, we understand the importance of offering a neutral workspace in the host city. Since then, Wikilab Coworking

São Carlos became the place of choice to meet our connection needs. There we have meeting rooms, auditoriums, workstations, and everything needed to carry out day-to-day functions in a comfortable, efficient, and welcoming way.

The “Remote First” model, which enables hybrid work, is supported by three fundamental pillars: culture, well-being, and technology, and brings different benefits to both the company and employees, such as:

  • increased productivity
  • interpersonal contact between teams
  • employee autonomy
  • financial economy

With all these advantages, the new working style have been well accepted by our collaborators!

Working remote expands the possibility of geographical choices and different spaces according to what makes the most sense based on individual needs. Whether at home, at Wikilab Coworking, or in any other environment, the essential thing is to be able to work where creativity and well-being are enhanced.

And for your lifestyle, what is the best work format? Tell us what you think about the strategy!