Digital solutions and
business development

Full-Stack Solutions

With agile development framework Scrum, we combine our ability to solve challenges in the areas of front-end, back-end, product, design and data. On Web, App, WebApp, Desktop, we develop the best suited system to the needs of each situation. We love to solve problems through data mining, relational and non-relational databases, ETL, distributed microservices, automated tests, monitoring processes, image processing, data compression, GDPR, compliance, continuous integration, continuous deployment, among others. We motivate ourselves to overcome challenges through technology

UI/UX Solutions

We understand and develop the solution concepts in detail with you. We build first screens and the flow with four-hand validation. Then we set out an interactive prototype for simulating the digital product with real customers. After interfaces features and UX validation, we develop the digital solution with modular and reusable graphics. And for system constant evolution, we use tools to collect user behavior data which is the main raw material for data driven decisions, gamification and design thinking.

Decision making support

With our experience we advise which platforms, stacks and tools are the most appropriate for your business. Always focusing on a high level experience for users and understanding the fundamental needs to build the best solution. Strategically we outline the objectives to work in phases, gaining agility and quality on the entire system development

Data Development Solution

The problem solving and decision making mindset through data combined with an efficient extraction, analysis and visualization system compose Liven`s Data Development Solution. Powerful ETL tool that allows data driven decisions making in your business

maintenance and support

We also offer maintenance, support and improvement services for platforms through a monthly hour package. This flexible model guarantees system optimal functioning and digital business operations