Partnership, Focus on Success
and First Class Team



Owners' feeling Your challenge is our challenge. We will invest passion, determination and effort to overcome it

Transparent relationship We work together fairly and sincerely

Proximity Count on us whenever necessary, we are partners


Focus on success

Purpose business Our purpose is to improve people's lives and our society

Love for what we do We know that each challenge overcome, make us closer to our goal of building a better world

Focus on scalable and long term We seek long-lasting, high-impact partnerships


First Class teams

Friendship works We are much more than coworkers, we have great affection and concern with each other well-being

Continuous development We encourage our team to develop more and more, aiming at professional and personal growth

Light and harmonic culture We cultivate a peaceful and connected environment, due to the affection we have with each other and the excellent internal communication of the team

our team

person image

Lucas Fronza

Mobile Engineer @

Working at Liven was an incredible experience, with high personal and professional growth. Using the right technologies, the cycle from idea to implementation was very fast allowing to validate it quickly. It was very aggregating to be part of the construction of several products from scratch.