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“Are you gay? Wow, you don’t look like you are!”

“I have gay friends too, I have no prejudice”

“Being bisexual is a thing for confused people”

“Who is the man/woman in the relationship?”


Do you see anything wrong with those sentences?


That is not a matter of opinion, those are examples of daily aggressions which have been normalized by society.

All sorts of organizations have been trying to have more diversity in their teams, not only in terms of hard skills but also considering personal characteristics. However, there are not enough thoughts about corporate education and how to have a safe environment inside companies for everyone.


At Liven, diversity means respecting and embracing our differences, letting everyone be who they are. We try to question and educate ourselves about actions that might be microaggressions for those who are on our team, creating a safe environment.


Microaggressions are defined as aggressive interactions and insults which might be verbal, behavioral, or environmental. They can occur intentionally or not but in every way depreciate and disrespect members of a minority group.


Working with transparency is one of our core values. So we try to be aware of these microaggressions that are socially normalized. We keep appreciating and making a work atmosphere psychologically comforting where we can be who we are, having a space for freedom and support.


At Liven we want and respect being plural. We understand that diverse tastes, preferences, ideas, desires, and dreams make our space more respectful. Uniting different people's perspectives, who carry their unique experiences and lessons, we add much more value to the world, revolutionizing ways of caring for others, no matter who they are.